Clearing Customs by Boat in Costa Rica

Perry Theodore Hodell has enjoyed a long career in the field of marina facilities management. As General Manager of Marina Paz Vela in Costa Rica, Perry Theodore Hodell was responsible for overseeing all policies and procedures and ensures regulatory compliance.

Clearing Costa Rican Customs by boat requires that a number of standard documents be submitted at the port of entry. For vessels flying foreign flags, these include an International Cruising Permit (or Zarpe) from the vessel’s prior port, a Temporary Importation Certificate, a Certificate of Documentation/Registration, the owner and/or captain’s passports, a crew list, and proof of insurance for the vessel.

In certain cases, other documents may be required as well, such as an active fishing license or an Exoneration Permit from the Costa Rican Ministry of Public Works and Transport. Ports of entry should be contacted beforehand, as they sometimes require additional documentation. After clearing customs, a vessel receives a 90-day Temporary Permit allowing the navigation of Costa Rican sovereign waters.

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